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Construction Advantage Product

AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) provides construction loans to qualified borrowers in licensed states. Please contact AMS directly for details, including our current rates, which are far lower than what you are expecting. Call us at 844-4-AAFMAA (844) 422-3622 or email us here.

The Construction Advantage product is for well qualified borrowers that meet a minimum of the following underwriting criteria:

  • 720 minimum FICO
  • 80% Max LTV (includes the lot)
  • $200k+ loan sizes
  • Up to 7 draws
  • 41% debt to income max
  • 12 months PITI post-closing (principal interest taxes and insurance)
  • Available in FL, VA, NC, MD, CT
  • Primary residences only

You must qualify for this mortgage through AAFMAA Mortgage Services and be approved. AAFMAA Mortgage Services disclaimers may be found on our website This is not an offer. Underwriting criteria subject to change at any time.